May 29, 2015

WEEK #26

This has been a really eventful, non-eventful week. Which sounds a little bit contrary but really, I don't know how else to explain it. Elder Sandoval and I have been working a ton here in Del Viso and I think we are going to end up seeing some results if we can keep it up. I think I have been able to meet just about every member here in this Branch in under 2 weeks and so far they all seem super willing to help us which is really what it all depends on. The missionary work is impossible without you Members! But yeah, so far I love it out here in Provincia. It's a lot more quiet and just more peaceful. Even though their are like 50 diseased dogs barking all at once always.
The reason I said non-eventful is because really I can only think about one experience worth sharing with you guys, but I have been able to think about a lot of the small blessings and lessons that I have received here. Well anyway, that experience was yesterday when I was able to go to our stake center and watch the dedication of the temple that is now open in Cordoba, Argentina! haha Everybody thought it was weird that I was from Utah but have never seen a temple dedication before because I think their are like 13 temples in Utah. And now I realize what I missed out on for never going to them, because really, it was so cool to see. President Uchdorf dedicated it and spoke a little bit of Spanish, which was kinda funny to see, but it was just so cool to see how happy everybody was. And really this joy of the people of Cordoba just carried the spirit so strong. I don't know, it's just that something clicked for me that really it has been such a blessing to have lived so close to the temples and I never really took advantage of it as I should have. But really even an hour of temple work is helping other people be with their families in happiness forever. Well anyway, that was about my week, a lot of walking and meeting new people here in Argentina. (I hope next week we will be able to find some bikes so I can send some action fotos) 

WEEK #25

Wow, to tell you the truth, I don't even really remember a lot of this week. It was kind of a blur but transfers have happened and now I am in a whole new area with a whole new companion. Haha and I think it might be a tuff adjustment seeing though I went from Villa Crespo, which is in the middle of the city, to a place called Del Viso. Which is like dirt roads and tiny houses and nasty diseased dogs and stuff. I think it might be a little too dangerous to carry around a camera with me every where but I'll figure out a way to get some pictures for this next week. Oh, and I finally got a Latino companion, which is pretty sick. He is a Peruvian named Elder Sandoval and so far he seems like a stud. So, I'm pretty hyped for this next transfer! Even though it was honestly pretty sad leaving Villa Crespo. It's crazy how many relationships you can build in 4 months being a gringo that couldn't speak their language haha. But really, that ward was so awesome and my converts and just all of it. Ahhh, I'm going to miss it. But at the same time I'm looking forward to building more relationships like that here in my new area. But yeah, hmmm, apart from that I'm really not able to think of anything more that has happened this last week. Probably just because these last few days have been nutz. Well, the mission is the best.
I love all ya'll.

WEEK #24

Wow, this week was a little different but in a good way. We finally found some people to teach and had a little bit more success in this area. I don't know, things finally just started to click, but really I only want to share about one of our investigators right now named Yvonne. Haha yeah when we received the reference for her I really didn't know how to act cause thats definitley not a Spanish name. But anyway, a member called us Friday night saying that she met this German lady that really doesn't speak Spanish all that well (so I have no idea how they met cause this hermana only speaks spanish??) but Yvonne can speak english alright. And that she has been going through some really hard times with a divorce here and got kicked out of her husbands house, doesn't really have a job and she is basically out on her own in a country where she doesnt speak the language. So, we were pretty hyped to teach this lady and we set an appoitment for the next day. And really I realized how much spanish has been drilled into my head more than anything. As she wanted me to say the first prayer in english I was like okay, I haven't done this in the last 5 months but cool, and yeah it kinda came out in a weird spanglish. After, we taught the first lesson of the Restoration and obviously she felt something because she agreed to come to church the next day and we translated more for her there. And we are going to continue teaching her this week. I don't really know where I'm going with this story but I thought it was pretty kool that I was teaching a german lady in english in Argentina. I never would have seen that coming, but more than anything with this experience and a few more this last week I have realized that this gospel really is for everyone. It's someting that I testify of everyday that really the information and testimonies that we have can change lives, and all we have to do is share it.
Well anyway, next week I'm going to be writing on Tuesday because transfers are already here again and I'm 90% sure that I am leaving to a different area which is going to be so weird cause this is still the only area that I know and I have made some really good friends here. But never the less, I am excited to be able to know other parts down here in Buenos Aires. 
Love all ya'll.

WEEK #23

This weeks letter is going to be even a little bit shorter do to the fact that I was in bed sick literally half the week haha Yeah, it wasn't very fun. But, I ended up being stuck in bed from Wednesday until Sunday. But hey, the rest of the week was pretty chill. On by birthday last Monday we went as a zone to a place called the Teatro Colon which, I guess, is world famous, but I don't know cause I have never heard of it before. And anyway, it's a giant old opra house. The building is awesome it's so pretty. Then after we went there, a member took us to a Peruvian resteraunt. I know I am serving in Argentina and stuff, but their is no better food than Peruvian food. haha. It's so good and there are a ton of Peruvians here so I get to enjoy pretty often. Then I think there should be a video of the cake below if it worked but an other hermana thought it was cool to put "Swag Out" on the American flag cake and I agreed so that's what it says. Uhm, apart from that not much happened this week. On Tuesday I got to do divisions with my Zone Leader Elder Santos from Brazil. Hes super chill and I got to hear him speak Portuguese, which was pretty tight cause I could understand a little bit of it. Oh, and one more thing that happened this week, actually yesterday. I was able to make it to church even though I was still just barely getting over the sickness, and when we arrived we noticed that a member brought somebody with him that lives in the same building. So, we went to go talk with him after and see if he liked it and all of that good stuff, and you could just tell that this guy, his name is Luis and he is 28 yrs old, but he has been through a ton. Like, he told us that his mom died this last week, and now he really has no family or friends left and stuff and I was really just like wow, I'm sorry man. haha. I really didn't know what to say about it besides sorry. But anyway, we were able to talk to him a little bit about the gospel and actually set a goal for baptism. So we are going to work with him this week and see how we can help him.
Well, really that is about all that happened this last week. 
Much love to all of ya'll.