November 29, 2014


I'm lucky enough to have a Saturday P-day! I'm glad things are going great back at home. When I read your first email I thought it was dad who said he was running. So, I really didn't know how to react. hahaha. that was kind of funny but good job mama! Yeah, it sucks I didn't get to call home on Thanksgiving, but it was a really good day. Elder Bednar came and handed out cell phones so that we could text him any question we want to, which was awesome. It really helped my testimony of revelation because there isn't anybody that could have answered with such power and spirit without receiving revelation. And on Tuesday Elder Oaks came, so we got 2 members of the 12 this week! It was really cool. I'm learning Spanish so fast, it's crazy. Missionaries are so blessed haha. Thanks for the package, and really, all the letters and photos mean so much when you are out here, even though I have only been gone for like 2 weeks. Uhm, have you found any of my watches? It would be nice to have! And also more ties from home! And maybe some funky socks haha idk. Well I only get an hour a week to email, so I can't write you as much as I wish I could, but I love you and make sure you tell everybody else I love them too. I'm so grateful for you guys!
Elder Hansen

November 23, 2014


When everybody said you are constantly busy here in the MTC, they were not kidding at all. You are always studying the gospel and spanish with maybe like a 5 minute break all day, but it's really not bad at all. Even there food isn't bad, surprisingly. Everybody says its like the worst thing on the planet being here, but it is what you make it. You just need to make sure you still keep your personality and joke around a little bit and it makes your experience like 10 times better. I got my first companion, Elder Stephan. He's a weird Canadian 19 year old, but still really nice. Yeah, that really sums him up. haha. Being here has also shown me how much I need to learn. When you first walk into class our teacher just drills you with Spanish and you have no idea what he is saying, so I literally answer every question saying "no se" which means "I don't know" lol. Oh well, I really am learning a lot. I have already learned more here, and felt the spirit more here than I have anywhere else, even though I have only been here for 3 full days. There are only 8 people in our district, and our district is the only one in our zone because everybody is about to leave to their missions. So we only have like 8 missionaries to fill our whole branch, which is like nothing! Anyway, everybody here is super nice and will help you with whatever you need. I really don't know what else there is to tell you, but send me emails please! I want to hear from everybody, and I would really like pictures!

Love, ya boii, Elder Hansen

November 20, 2014

And he's off!

Thank you to all of Jake's friends and family who supported him and sent him off knowing he was making an amazing decision to serve the people of Argentina. We know he's going to touch so many lives and we are incredibly proud of him!