December 31, 2014


It was a great week in the MTC! But I do have to say I'm pretty excited to be leaving in only 2 days. Things are finally starting to get real which is kinda nerve racking but I really am so pumped to start learning and teaching down in Argentina. Partly nervous cause I emailed Grant in Spanish and he typed back telling me I'm the biggest gringo, which isn't super encouraging. But I hope everybody had a good Christmas! Christmas was definitely a different experience for me, but I wouldn't say it was a bad experience either. wellll, it was alright lol. We got to hear from another general authority though, Russel M. Nelson! His talk was great and way encouraging for the mish field. I guess we are pretty blessed to have listened to 3 different apostles while here in the MTC. I also got to talk with the fam, which was fantastic, I really just missed their voices so much. And I get to call again at the airport so that's a bonus. I started packing and it's going to take a miracle to repack and make weight so everybody please pray for my packing.. Pleaaaasssseeee! It's weird how fast you become close with people too, it's going to be sad saying bye to some of my closest homies, but oh well I guess we can just chill after the mish too, right. Hopefully my emails start getting a little bit more eventful when I'm in the field haha sorry. Until next week in Argentina!
Much love, Elder Hansen
Number 1 homie Elder Peterson de Logan, Utah

 Christmas morning with the gang!

December 22, 2014


Im pretty much a veteran of the MTC now days, and it feels good. But really this week was so dope, I don't even know where to start. Well, last Saturday after email time I broke the Wall Sit record for the MTC which was super funny, actually. A maestro noticed we looked super dead cause that is just what the MTC does to you, you are constantly so tired. But anyways he decided that we would have a wall sit competition to wake us all up. It was kinda weird cause I was in a suit but yeah I got 33 minutes and found out I beat the old record by like 10 minutes it was dope.
           On Tuesday the elders in my district got to give another blessing to a hermana in our district who has been sick for like 4 days which would suck super bad being locked inside your tiny residence. But yeah she asked me if I could anoint the oil and if Elder Stout could give the blessing. It is so awesome to be able to let the spirit flow out of you like that. The spirit is so strong.
            And yesterday I got my flight plans which means I can stop stressin over my Visa, I think. I'm going to be on a 21 hour flight which I feel like is forever, oh well though cause it will be way worth it after I finally land in Argentina. I am really so hyped to get there, but at the same time nervous cause I won't be able to communicate like at all haha Especially since I heard they have weird Italian sounding accent called castellano or something like that... and just because it will be real spanish.
             All and all though a pretty great week in general. I still haven't heard anything about Christmas and whats going on here in the MTC. I have my fingers crossed that either Pres. Uchdorf or Elder Holland will come speak to us though that would be awesome. It still hasn't snowed? which is weird and everybody is starting to dis Utah about not actually the best snow which makes me mad.. especially when it's kids from like Wyoming talking crap. Uhmmmm, still a ton of class time which has its ups and downs. I don't know, sitting so much isn't really my thing, but I'm learning a ton which is great, I guess. My companion is still a Canadian Goober, hes super nice though. The food is either really good or it sucks way bad. There is no in between. Yeah another great week. 

Elder Hansen

December 15, 2014


This week in the CCM.. not much new, they keep you on pretty much the same schedule everyday, which gets kinda old. The food is still really gross. But I think I'm getting a hold of things pretty well, it's about time. Only 16 more days until I leave for Argentina though and Christmas is in less than 2 weeks! I just want to know which general authority is going to talk on Christmas, hopefully Pres. Uchdorf haha. I guess that is definitely an upside to the CCM. All the devotionals are so awesome. We get to hear from a 70 or somebody high up in the church talk twice a weak on Sundays and Tuesdays. We haven't had one bad talk yet, they are easily the highlight of the week. 
Spanish is coming along great or at least a lot better than I thought it was. Our teachers are all so awesome. 
Oh, I don't know how I almost forgot to write about this. On Thursday one of our teachers, Hermano Wolfe, had heart surgery and he didn't even tell us about it until Wednesday night, which is kinda crazy. He was just like, "I'm not going to be here tomorrow, I have a minor surgery..... on my heart." 
which was kinda crazy, hes a cool dude. But anyways he asked us elders on the spot if we could give him a blessing. I didn't get to actually say the blessing but, still, as I put my hands on his head I could feel the spirit so strong, it was unreal. Like, I had the chills for the rest of the day. He recovered fast enough that he was back into work the next day after surgery. Soooo nuts. 
But yeah, that's my week in a nutshell. 
Much love, Elder Hansen

 Low quality for the win! Temple with all the Elders of the zone.

  My face when he tries telling me Wyoming is better than Utah..... 

The homies in my district.

December 6, 2014


Not much new has happened in the MTC this week, but its crazy how fast the days are going by. You are so busy you don't really have time to think about anything else besides how you can better serve the Lord, which is a good thing I think lol. I don't really have any awesome stories or pictures from this week, it really has just been gospel, Spanish, sleep, eat, repeat. We had a new district come in so we are finally not an 8 man zone, which should make sacrament meeting a little more exciting. Tomorrow I get to bless the sacrament and bare my testimony in Spanish, and I'm actually like super pumped for it. I've already learned so much here and taught some lessons in Spanish and I think the investigators can some what understand me, which is crazy seeing though it hasn't even been quite 3 weeks. The gift of tongues is so real. Like I said not much has happened here, but you guys are all in my prayers. And here are a few old pictures cause I didn't even have time to try and take some new ones,  you are scheduled for the whole day plus I'm only in Provo so you guys have all seen it.
Well much love, ya boii Elder J Junnky
 My thug face with our dirty room in the background, but the dirty room isn't my fault. Promise.

 You would be surprised how excited everybody was for these lights lol