April 16, 2015

WEEK #22

Hey friends.
 This week has been kool. Haha No really, this week the work was pretty slow in terms of finding and numbers and stuff like that but their has been a lot in terms of working and walking haha. But like always, everyday was a learning experience and their were a few things that happened that are things that I never want to forget because the mission is so sick. I really only have one of these experiences that I want to share this week, because I need to go celebrate my B-day right now somehow. 
 So, we received a call from a member who is from another ward but the son of one of his coworkers is in the hospital in our ward. So, he met us there so that we could give him a blessing. As we entered the big room with all of these extrememly sick people (like I was almost just taken away by how the people looked they were so sick. They were all just pale almost yellow and had tubes entering their body from every direction. I wanted to cry just walking in there) but we finally reached the back of the room where this guys son was (the family are non-members) and I guess the son has been in the hospital for more than 2 months now with some sickness that he caught in their vacation, but it almost seemed he was just brain dead like his eyes were rolled back and it was just really sad. But anyway, we explained the priesthood and how the blessing comes from the power of God all depending on the faith of the people. So, we gave a blessing and everything went great, obviously he didn't stand up and walk in front of us but everyone felt the spirit really strong. After we went out of the room and start talking to the family and just whoever was their visiting people that would be interested but we shared a couple experiences about Christ and the Atonement. And something that this kids dad said really got to me, he said " I still have hope and the faith that everything is possible in Gods will" I couldn't stop thinking about how much faith that really was, to still be faithful even when your teenage son has been in the hospital almost unconscious for more than 2 months. He was definitely the example for me that day. And after some of the people that listened to us asked us if we could give a couple more blessings to the patients there. The feeling of using the priesthood like that was incredible, and it's for experiences like that, that you learn to love the mission. What a blessing. 
Well, anyway, I love all of you.


April 13, 2015

WEEK #21

A lot learned this week, even though I think I could have said that every week this week was one of the best weeks of my mission so far. First meeting with my President, then General Conference. It just really couldnt have been much better. The mission is really hard, but everytime I take a step back from everything and look at it from the big picture I just feel something amazing. Especially during conference, it was incredible! Haha I wish I wasnt such a punk before the mish and realized how big of a privilege it really is to be able to listen to the leaders of the church. Haha all the missionaries were literally like flipping out the week before conference it was pretty funny.
Im glad I was able to enjoy the week so much, cause really in terms of numbers it was a tough week. Really tough, seeing though we really dont have a single progressing investigador right now. We are trying to work with a kid from Ecuador named Alejandro, but everytime we set an appointment something happens haha I dont know. But he did come to the conference and he loved it so I hope we will be able to meet with him this week and set a date for baptism! 
Rather than that we are really just in the search for those escojidos, Im not really sure how we are going to find them but I know they are out there waiting. So wish us luck!
 Love ya'll

WEEK #20

Little bit of a slow week in Villa Crespo this last week. Slow in terms of finding and teaching, but as always their were positives too. First off with one of the negatives, our investigator, Erica, that I was all positive with last week, basically told us she wants nothing to do with the church anymore because she is too scared to enter the water for baptism and she wants to work Sundays which is really weird but one of the saddest things ever. Because really I  thought she was so prepared for it, and even she realizes that she needs this gospel and baptism but she still wont do it. I just really hope that the members and missionaries continue to stop by her house in the future cause really she is so awesome, she is just lacking a little bit of faith. I have no doubt she will end up getting baptized one day.
 So after that we really just focused on the ward and members for this week, because we learned that finding through your own efforts such as contacts and stuff like that is nearly impossible, so we really need to get the members involved. But basically we were just looking at the directory and started going from member to member hoping that at least a few of them would have friends that we could visit, and it helps that we have these cards about the new Pascua (Easter) video to hand out too ( if you haven't seen it please watch it right now, it's dope. I don't know what it's called in English exactly but it's "Gracias a que El Vive" in Spanish) but as we watch this with the members and feel the spirit re fuerte, we have been trying to connect it to the missionary work and gave them kind of a commitment to share the video with their friends and to invite them to church or to conference or whatever. So please pray that we will see some success from this! Really the members make the biggest difference. Even you members in Utah (hint hint) help the missionaries haha. 
Oh and we are trying to see how Argentine real estate works, which is kinda exciting. Haha are ceiling is destroyed and is basically just falling off little by little cause the lady above us has flooded her room like 10 times, but it was really kind of funny cause she was flipping out and had no idea what to do. Females are weird. So we decided that we are going to move. So yeah so we have a lot of work to do this week please wish us luck!