February 10, 2015

WEEK #13

It has been somewhat of a crazy week here. First of all, I have officially finished a whole transfer in the field and am half way done with my training. It does not feel like I have been here for anywhere near 6 weeks though. Fuahhh, the mission really is so sick, its so hard at times, but the people you meet and the friendships you make are so worth it on its own. Well anyway, this transfer my companionship stayed the exact same since he is training me, but I was pretty happy cause Elder Moffitt is way chill. But our zone changed a ton so Im excited to meet all of these new people.
On Sunday morning we baptized a Peruana named Claudia, but as we walked into the church building Sunday morning we noticed we kinda flooded the whole place cause we thought somebody else was going to show up to turn off the water. So yeah it was kind of embarrassing, but we baptized the whole church too. Ahhh haha it was so bad. But the spirit was still there so strong for the baptism, she is definitely going to be a solid convert. And this is how missionaries get addicted to the work, there is such a good feeling.
Now for more of a depressing story. Somehow with only eating like one meal everyday, I have gained 10 pounds in the last month. Then we did the math and Im going to be over 300 lbs at my homecoming at the rate Im going haha. Argentine food really is just so good though.
Well rather than that this week was really just trying to search for new people. I dont know why but for some reason the whole mission is just struggling at finding new investigadors. Im sure its just a bad streak and a test, and we will find those escojidos ( chosen ones) that god has prepped for us as long as we keep working at it. 
We found some Peanut Butter which is a big deal in South America I guess  


February 8, 2015

WEEK #12

Hmmmm, where to start with this week. No joke, all the days just run together. So, I dont know when things happen. The mish is so busy. Things are going great in some aspects, and not so great in others. Personally, with learning the language and culture and just things like that are going great. One thing though, I feel like an idiot every time I eat. Cause they get all the meat off the bone with a fork and a butter knife, and I can't really use my left hand when I eat so they all make fun of me saying "jaja yankee, elder moffitt ayadale" So, yeah they are just telling my comp. to help me or they just give me a weird look with everything haha Yeah, I can't really explain it (they eat fried chicken with a fork and knife... how are you supposed to do that?). I'm starting to communicate and participate more, sometimes I have no idea what they say still, or even what I just said. But thats the thing, it doesnt really matter what I just said cause the spirit testifies either way. But yeah, we are having hard times finding new people which is really the only bummer of the week. Nobody wants anything to with the Mormons, but thats alright, I'm sure its just a test of patience. Which is something I really don't have much of, one of my many flaws. So, this week was a lot of walking and contacting, trying to find the escojidos ( or chosen ones) that have been waiting for the message of the restored gospel. This transfer is already almost over which is nuts. I feel like I just barely arrived still. So, Elder Moffitt and I will be waiting on a call sometime during this next week to see if he gets transferred, which would be super sad. I don't know, it would just be weird to finish my training with somebody else. So, keep your fingers crossed for me please!
Oh, and sorry that I suck at taking pictures, I think I might still have one or two with my district or something. I will focus on having more next week, promise.