December 8, 2015

WEEK #52

Thanksgiving was a little better even in a country that doesnt celebrate Thankgiving haha.. Yeah this Thanksgiving we got together as a mission super early for a devotional type thing. It was super crazy the things that we heard to tell you the truth.. Our President had the chance to talk with Elder Cook over Skype and he told us about the miracles that are still happening now days with the apostles, it's just that sometimes those miracles are so sacred that they dont find it fit to talk about them. But this is what he said in his testimony "I know that the Lord lives cause I know his voice and I have seen his face" is what Elder Cook said and after that we were all just like woww. But anyway, with Thanksgiving we really didn't eat anything haha We went to go pick up our lunch from a members house and they werent home.. and it was the end of the month so we didn't have very much money to buy things either, but we found some noodles in the apartment and thats what we ate. So, it wasn't the best Thanksgiving food ever, but at least we lived.
Right now I think a 5k would kill me haha We dont have much time to run and play sports and things like that now days. Haha I already way 163 lbs. but I promise its not all fat... a big portion might be fat but I might be just a little stronger too hahaha(;
It is so werid to see snow..... although it did hail here super hard the other day. I wish I had my camera with me the other day cause really the weather is so werid.. one moment it was super hot and sunny, and in about 1 minute it was so dark that the automatic lights turned on at the church at 4:00. Then it started to rain and hail harder than I have ever seen in my life. And it rained for about 45 minutes.. then it was sunny and about 70 degrees again. Super weird.
Other than that with our week... hmmmm not much. A few drunks again.. annnnnd listening to my comp. talk to the members on the phone about their tuppers that we need to return but he didn't know which goes to who because when they were explaining it by color, they didnt know that he is 100% color blind hahaha that was funny.
But anyways things are going great for us here, today were transfers and since I'm training I get to stay in this area until January and so we already have had about 10 invitations for Christmas and all of that so we do know that we already have a house to be able and skype from this Christmas.
Anyway, thats about it for now.

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