December 8, 2015

WEEK #51

Voy a decir feliz dia de accion de gracias ahora porque bueno ya viene el jueves y no creo que vamos a celebrar aca en Argentina/: pero igual ese dia es mas o menos tonto igual jaja. (talking about Thanksgiving because its this Thursday right?)
Is it already starting to get cold there in the valley as well? Yes please send me some photos of all of that.. Mountains and snow and all of that good stuff because it is starting to get to hot here in Argentina.. summer is coming in super fast with a ton of humidity. Actually it's weird because one day there is a huge rain storm all day and all of the streets are all flooded but then the next day it's like high 70s low 80s and horrible. I definitely like the winter better.
Wow, Christmas is already coming up.. I think Christmas will be a whole new experience here because they dont celebrate here quite like they do in the States. It's basically like a mix of all of the holidays with fireworks and a ton of food.. then while everybody is outside at night Santa Noel puts the presents under the tree so they open everything at night. But they dont get very many presents because their big holiday is Kids Day. Hahaha a little different but either way it will be a fun experience.
Well, my experiences for the week.. hmmm it was definitely a weird week. First of all I dont know why but I think I had a run in with the drunks just about every day of the week. One of the really funny ones that happened was when we were in a kinda sketchy neighborhood searching a couple directions, and it turned out that we had to go down a street with a couple kids on the corner (which is never a good sign here) but we felt that it was alright to pass by. So we started walking trying to pass them, and one of them talked to us about who we are and what we do.. and we explained to him that we were missionaries of the church and all of that.. so were going to leave him with an invitiation but we wanted to see what he wanted to get to know him a little more.. so my comp. asked him "What is the most important thing in his life?" and he answered "Rob" and by this time the member who is a future missionary was basically crying which was super funny.. but then we said "Wow thats the most important? Are you sure there is nothing more?" and all he said was "Kill" hahaha and we got a little nervous cause some of his friends starting coming closer and one of his friends was drunk but started defending us saying that we were kids of God and that he has to respect us and things like that which was super cool. So, we left him with the invitation and we left. But anyway, it was cool to see how calm we were in that whole experience and I'm not sure if the drunk with just trying to mess with us or what.. but it was also really funny of the member that was with us haha He literally had tears in his eyes.
Also they just had the Presidential Elections here yesterday so we were locked in the pension again which I decided is a little boring.. but either way it was nice to be able and take a sunday nap while being in the mission because that almost never happens.
But anyways thats about it for this week.. just to let you know that next week is transfers so I will be writing Tuesday morning(:

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