December 8, 2015

WEEK #53

It's alright that I get to stay in my area.. but like you know, I am super impatient and I get bored really fast. So, with 3 months already in an area, I start to get a little bored and ready for something new.. but it seems like I always end up having about a month and a half more. Either way, that is definitely a positive that I already am friends with all of the members here and will have good nice people to pass Christmas with. And with the safe streets... those really dont exist haha all of the people are crazy here, but it seems like there is always somebody there to watch after the Elders which is good(:
 People are telling me that the climate is changing like crazy in Argentina as well.. this week it says that we should reach over 100 degrees... and with the humidity.. I really dont know if I am going to live haha but lets hope so.
The 8 pack that I had is already starting to fade. But I can honestly say that my butt has increased in size. And I'm not sure if the Top Ramen and milk every night is helping with the problem.
Well to tell you the truth this week has been a little tougher.. we find people, then we find out that they are too lazy to get baptized.. then we have to drop all of them. It has been the weekly cycle lately. So we are spending a lot more time with the members hoping that they will be able to help us find people to teach. Mom, if the missionaries pass by the house, they are really hoping that you will know somebody that they can visit. So, it doesnt matter if the the people will reject them or accept the message, just give them all of the names that you know that arent members and I promise you the missionaries will love you.
But anyway, that's just a thought haha cause really it is super tough on the missionaries without the help of the members.
Well, sorry that I have had what seems like such a boring week.. but it was really just a ton of hard work in the sun. Pero igual es tan importante que disfrutemos esta obra porque realmente es algo marvilloso.

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