December 8, 2015

WEEK #49

It's really is crazy to look back to the day  I was left the MTC, it feels like it was forever ago but it doesnt seem like a year either.. I dont know its weird. Sometimes the days feel super long but the weeks and months go by flying. Who else was thinking about the mission from back home, it would be interesting to see where they all go so keep me updated in all of that!
Yeah, really they don't have much from the states or any other country here becasue they have a lot of laws that don't let them import things.. it's lame. But either way we went to a big supermarket named Coto which is kinda like the Costco of Argentina, I think, and they just ran out of kit kats and snickers so we are going to have to go back this week.
And things with my son are going great! Hes a stud, my fav comp. Obviouisly he's new and so he can't really help out a ton in the work and in things like that, but that doesn't bother me.. but just as a person he's the best. Super humble and willing to learn and he told before that he had his own band and things like that but I didn't really think too much about it.. but this last week his parents sent him his guitar and man he is super talented, both singing and playing the guitar. So yeah, it's pretty cool.
As far as the work goes in this last week... a little tough. Well, we broke the record I think for the most lessons in this area Jose C Paz 1 in a single week. The highest that I have seen on record here by far. But we still didn't find other people with a strong desire to be baptized.. so I hope that we will start to see the fruits of that work. To tell you the truth we had 3 people that were going to get baptized this next week, but they arent showing very much desire right now so we are going to have to drop them and keep on looking for new people which is always super hard and sad to do cause they are super good kids but for leaving them Im sure we will be blessed with new people.
Wowww the best day of my mishhh.. thats a super hard question because there are a ton. uhmmmm last sunday was a great day. I was able to see 5 of my converts in the church.. 1 got confirmed, 1 blessed the sacrament for his first time, and I was able to give the other one the priesthood.. and in the gospel principles class we gave them a minute to bare their testimonies and it was super spiritual to be able and see that I have really been an instrument in the lords hands to guide these people to the gospel. Yeah that was a great day.
The biggest challenge is to get along with your comp. by far. Well, it depends on the companion but during the mission every missionary will have at least one companion that will drive them crazy but just to be patient and humble enough to keep on going until transfers haha. And to be united as a companionship is the most important as well cause if you dont get along, youre not going to enjoy the work or the even have the spirit to help you out so everything just goes down hill.
And with the scriptures.. wow I honestly don't know which would be my favorites because I'm honestly addicted to the whole Book of Mormon haha so really, all of the scriptures. But recently I have been sharing a scripture with the members that is Mosiah 2:5 and when I share it a lot of people are confused I think because it doesn't have any straight up doctrine. But I like to think in the story.. King Benjamin (a prophet) calls of his people to come and listen to him give his last speech.
 And it came to pass that when they came up to the temple, they pitched their tents round about, every man according to his family, consisting of his wife, and his sons, and his daughters, and their sons, and their daughters, from the eldest down to the youngest, every family being separate one from another.
And I like how when all of the people went to listen to the prophet, how it says that they went as families and pitched their tents at the temple and I'm sure the spirit there was incredible.. When we think about that, that really is the most important thing in this life is the family and to be able and enter the temple to be sealed to one another and to keep on having spiritual moments together even after. I always tell them that this is something that I have always known.. but now that I am in the mission far away from my family I know without a doubt that the family is the most important that god has given us so that we can be happy. When I left for the mission I had a lot of things in my mind that I thought I was going to miss, like driving, my friends, music, and just a ton of things.. but now really the only thing that I miss and think about is my family. So with that I always give the commitment that we can set goals of things that we are going to do as a family to be able and have even more spiritual moments together.. the things small and simple like read a scripture together every night, family prayer, family home evening, or literally go to the temple together to do baptisms for the dead or do a session as a couple.
They don't have Thanksgiving which is a bummer and we have already had a family invite us over for Christmas which will be super cool and different seeing though its going to be summer and like 85 degrees haha so we will se how that goes next month.

Love Elder Hansen

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