December 8, 2015

WEEK #48

This week was by far one of my best of the mission  and there couldn't be a better time to do it than during my 1 year point!
Matias got baptized and confirmed, one of my converts, Norberto, blessed the sacrament for the first time, and my other convert received the priesthood.. and we had 27 lessons with members and found 5 people more to get baptized in the next 3 weeks. And President Gonzalez of South America and member of the 70 came to talk to us about raising our vision and faith which helped a ton. It was an awesome week.. and to top it all off, President Ayre just called me to congratulate my comp. and I especially for our week which has never happened to me in the mish, so it was pretty cool. 
Yeah, Halloween here was pretty boring... I didn't see anybody, not a single soul dressed up.. or trick or treat or anything. So, it was just a normal day. So, if you see a big dent in my bank account, it's because I went to go buy a lot of chocolate especially since I just found a place that has kit kats and snickers.. oh, and I saved the tootsie rolls that I brought here until my 1 year point so even though they are already super expired we are going to start eating those.
Yeah, if you guys dont want your old mattress you can send it here.. I just barely got done asking the mission for a new mattress too because I could feel the wood from the bed frame under me the mattress is so old. I think I would be better off sleeping on the floor haha but now that it is warming up we are starting to find bigger and bigger cockroaches. so, I don't want to sleep on the ground actually. 
Well, it's crazy to think that we have already made it one year here in the mission and they tell me that the second one flies by even twice as fast so it sounds like I'll be arriving home semi-soon haha. Sorry the computer isn't letting me send pics right now, so I'll have a few for the next week.
Love Elder Hansen

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